A Noble Quest

To whom it may concern,

Amulets, Pax, Salus, Gomerick, Oberon, Tale of a Smith, Friedunn
‘Tis a map of the land from my grandson’s time.

My name is Gomerick, and I am a former smith whose domicile resided in an upper district of the mountainous City of Enghor many moons ago. For years, I slaved over flames hotter and brighter than many could imagine in a hundred lifetimes. However, all of that changed on the day I met the sorcerer who would grow to be my closest friend, Oberon. Very many men and shivurna owe their thanks to this great sorcerer, myself included. He was, and will always be, the wisest man I have had the pleasure of meeting. If there was one lesson he taught me, it was that all great men, even those of whom should have a kingdom named in their honor, have one thing in common: they are simply men. Nevertheless, it was Oberon who convinced me to embark on a quest for the crown, a quest to improve the lives of all in the Kingdom of Enghor. I shall spare you the details for now, but the tale of this journey has since been recorded for future generations. I am here to present to you the opportunity to learn for yourself how the continent of Friedünn has reached its current condition, if you so choose.

Humblest Regards,

Gomerick of Enghor


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