To whom it may concern…

I will always be in awe at how one could be so in tune with the happenings of this world. This open letter was composed well before our journeys together, and goes to show how, for many years, Oberon was the sole point of light in a world encompassed by darkness…

To whom it may concern,

            Though I find it unlikely for many to examine this work, I feel I possess a duty to exemplify my thoughts through ink. My name is Oberon, and I have a sworn duty to serve King Wilhelm to the best of my ability as both his advisor and sorcerer. I have accumulated what is a library of sorts, and I often study the works of others to gain wisdom from past events. I also spend much of my time composing manuscripts of my own to share with future scholars.

            Before I begin, I believe it would be sensible to give you a modest look into my mindset as a sorcerer. Sorcery is a tricky thing. It follows the laws that bind us to this world, namely that for every action, an equally sufficient reaction must take place. One cannot simply enchant an item without repercussion. To offset our abilities, every enchantment drains a sorcerer of a portion of his life-force, so to speak. Granted, the typical sorcerer will live for hundreds of years before his death, so do not envision me as a frail old man just yet, for I have at least one more journey left in these “magic” bones. For ages, it has been that one man and one shivurna are the sole two with these special properties at any given time. When their successor to be finds them, it is the sorcerer’s duty to use their abilities to better Friedünn one final time, if they can, ultimately resulting in death. One might go so far as to say that sorcery is a dying art. Upon the sorcerer’s death, his successor will be filled with more abilities than he will know what to do with. Point being, there is little time to explain all of this to whomever comes along to replace me, so I do what I can to teach through writing. Along with this, I find it important to keep a record of events going on, and I include my input.

            All of this being said, I write this letter for fear that we are delving into complicated and troubling times, times for which I see no clear end. Wilhelm continues to expand the boundaries of the Kingdom of Enghor at such a fantastic rate that I worry for the day we intrude upon forces we cannot handle; external as well as internal. We are fortunate to occupy a portion of Friedünn which is not inhabited by vulgar beasts as is the east, yet we continue to expand in that direction. This I do not understand. There are always unknowns in this world, but that does not mean it is best to seek them. Furthermore, there is one glaring fact that I find impossible to ignore. If things continue the way they have throughout Wilhelm’s rule in regards to expansion, the kingdom’s resources will run thin, theft will plague the kingdom, and anarchy will be all but certain to ensue. A lust for land is never satisfied, and possession of all the land in the world will never quell the appetite people hold for order. If there is one truth in this world, one verity that will stand when all others fall, it is that forbearance is key. I have been quick to share this view with the king, but his confidence is as overbearing as his views of the world are shortsighted. Alas, it is foolish to think of what could be rather than what is, so I shall continue with my thoughts by putting forth another essential issue I find in these times.

            It is not my intention to defame the king with this letter; I simply wish to keep an account of these atypical days for future generations. There is one event I would like to discuss, a celestial event delineating a dying belief. In olden times, this view was widely accepted as truth, but as our culture becomes increasingly alienated from ties to the past, yet continues to propel itself blindly into the future, the more the links we once held to traditional beliefs fade. The particular event I speak of is the volcanic activity on the moon, the very moon to which Caelus was banished by Enghor long ago. It has been believed for years that this active planetesimal predicted occurrences on Friedünn. There are many variations to the story, but the most widely believed is that the more volcanically active Caelus is, the worse off things will be for the descendants of Enghor in the near future. It signifies Caelus eagerly awaiting bloodshed. Although many have turned their heads from this belief, as a man of “magic” myself, I have found it to be true.

            I write because, as I do so, Caelus spits fire more vigorously than I have seen in the centuries I have spent inhabiting Friedünn. I fear that the line between our world and the underworld may be fading. I also find myself in a powerless position. I know something bad is to happen, yet I cannot act for I do not know what it is. It may involve the expansion of Enghor, and I speculate that perhaps a collective assault of feranox may occur as a way for them to honor their old master. Alas, I simply do not know. As I conclude, for those who read this, be prepared not solely physically, but mentally, as well. A new day is coming, and it shall be nothing like the last.

                                                                                                              – Oberon



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