Beyond the Walls

“Let his mind stray, for it has been many lifetimes since he has seen anything outside of the city that has not been recalled from memory. The tangibility of it all must mean the world to him; feeling the crisp, cool wind in his hair, the grass brushing along his feet, and smelling the openness all around. I have only just begun to know him, and I have a lot to learn about him, but I can only imagine this is what he has been yearning for, and for countless years at that. A dream fulfilled this must be.”



The two men clicked and clacked along the cobblestone roads upon their horses until they at last reached the gates to the entrance of the city. As they made their way through, the sun appeared over the vast horizon and illuminated the rolling hills of farmland and prairie grass that stretched for as far as the eye could see. Twas the beginning of spring, and the abundant life, in the form of blooming vegetation, was a sight Gomerick had never witnessed. He was awestruck by the view, but with the light came the appearance of hundreds of camps seemingly spilt out from the city. They were set up by men of all classes leaving their homes in an attempt to win the king’s favor. Naturally, these men were accompanied by some simply seeking bloodshed, and others whom sought to take advantage of the dense gathering of men, their valuables, and lacking presence of guards.

– A Former Thief, Sven

In da end, all I can say is I lived a crazy life filled with highs ‘nd lows, death ‘nd triumph, and everythang in between. I also met the two best friends a man could ask fer in Po ‘nd Lutz. I still miss ‘em to this day, but, if I had to do it all over again, there’s no doubt in my mind I would. That’s all I got to say, ‘cept keep on livin’ cuz you got all eternity to be dead.
– A former thief, Sven