Sorcery Revealed

Zelig was in the process of squeaking his way to the ladder when Dietrich suddenly yelled in horror as the damaged floor disappeared beneath him. All at once, there was an extremely bright flash and a bang of thunder that shook the very foundation of the cottage, and Dietrich appeared in a heap below. Zelig rushed down the ladder, hopped off half way down, and hurried to his friend.

“Holy…Dietrich, are you alright?” Zelig frantically asked.

Dietrich rose to his feet and dusted himself off, “I’m fine. I actually…”

“What did I tell the two of you?” A visibly angry Oberon shouted as he hobbled with his staff into the room from the stormy entryway.

“We…uh.” Dietrich could come up with nothing to say.

Zelig jumped in, “What are we doing? What was that flash of light, Oberon? What are you hiding from us?”

The question had no impact on Oberon’s furious face, “More than likely lightning, or is that too difficult of a concept for you to grasp? And do not deflect from the fact that the two of you disobeyed strict orders to carry on as a group. A group, I remind you, that the two of you were so inclined to create! There are reasons why I instruct what I do. My orders are not to be broken, for it is a sign of betrayal and a breach of trust. What if Gomerick and I were to be ambushed as before? I wonder how that came about.”

Gomerick walked into the room as Zelig hollered back, “How can I trust a man of such secrecy? Or should I even call you a man?” He threw his arms down in a fit of rage. Oberon stormed out into the rain and was followed closely by Zelig. “Don’t you walk away from this, I want answers now!” Oberon paused with his head down. The rain formed a silhouette as it ricocheted from his shoulders and back. “Well?” At that moment, Oberon raised his staff high in the air. It began to glow bright white, and he slammed it into the ground. A familiar, frosty mist shot out that halted the rain around them. Zelig stumbled back and fell to the ground. “Wha…”

Oberon turned to face Zelig. Gomerick and Dietrich were about to walk outside, but stopped in the doorway at the sight of the events unfolding. Dietrich was awestruck, but Gomerick grew worried. “How dare you question the likes of me? I am Oberon, sorcerer of this great world! Well, once great, until men with the likes of you came about and soiled the continent with their ignorance. I have half a mind to cleanse Friedünn of your worthless, squalid essence, but that would bring us closer than I could bear. Yes, I saved your friend, but do not seek any assistance from me in the future, for I guarantee you will not find it.”


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