About the Author

About the Author

My name is Christopher Worman, and I am the author of The Amulets of Pax and Salus: The Tale of a Smith.

I previously worked as a Financial Consultant in Chicago, IL, but relocated to the Houston, TX, area.  At my former firm, I published a business article through Forefront, and did quite a bit of ghost writing for our other consultants. Now, I do freelance content writing on the side for clients in various industries. However, it was epic tales of adventure and heroism that initially sparked my passion for writing. I have always taken particular interest in the differences between cultures, and how they relate to the history of world conflict. Paired with my knowledge of the attributes of great leaders throughout our human endeavor, I have constructed the continent of Friedünn and her inhabitants.

The goal of this site is to create a platform for those that may be interested in my work. Excerpts from the story, and posts from its main character, Gomerick of Enghor, will become available as the site grows.

E-mail: christopherworman@yahoo.com


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